Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Brothers, W, and Sight Words

It was another busy week here at Wolfelicious!  We learned about my favorite letter.  Can you guess what letter it is?

Yeppers, its letter W.

We made 'wigs' for the letter w.  Aren't they adorable. 

In Social Studies we learned about the Wright Brothers.  I always enjoy teaching about the Wright Brothers since I am from Ohio!  I think it is important for the students to know where the Wright Brothers were from.  

This year I taught about the Brothers a little differently than other years.  This year we read a few stories about the Wright Brothers and then we completed a couple writing about them.  We also watched the Peanuts movie "The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk" which is about the Wright Brothers and the perfect way for my kiddos to learn more about the Wright Brothers, since Snoopy is my favorite character.  

Look at how focused all my kiddos were during the movie. I think they love Snoopy too. 

Here is the writing we completed after coloring an airplane on the other side.  I wrote this out under the document camera.  I asked the kiddos to tell me what they knew about the Wright Brothers .  These are the things they knew about them. 

I was really impressed at how well their writing was when completing this.  I guess our practice at our handwriting has been paying off. 

I have noticed my students having a very difficult time with their sight words this year.  We practice them every single day. We always cheer them, sing them, and use flash cards to practice them.  Then also they are in a couple of the centers I have.  I feel like I am doing so much to help them learn the words.  This past week I added sight word sheets to help them too.  You can check out the sheets. 

This week we practiced our words by partnering up and going on a reading trail.  I laid the words in a trail around the classroom.  I partnered the kiddos up. (High student with a low student).  Then I showed them what I wanted them to do. One student jump and read and the other student is the coach.  Helping the student, not telling them the answer. The students really enjoyed doing this.  

I added two new centers to our reading centers.  I add the Smartboard sight word game and then a letter game.  Both seemed like big hits.  With the Smartboard game the student taps the circle and a sight word comes up. Then they tap the back circle and pick out a new word. 

The letter center the students had to put the letter in order on the blue board.  

It was another amazing week!  Next week I have to assess my students for grade cards.  I can't wait to see their progress.  


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